August 6, 2015

The Subcumming 
The Snake slithers upon my soar throat. I gasp, 

But oxygen is beyond me, worlds away…

Day by day, Death draws near, long fingers grasp,

Claws sharpened, longing to slay its prey.
The Raven slaugthers pages, uncaring,

As I stare with an inside flood of pain…

I scream. No one hears. The Raven smirking, 

Leaves the book, tattered… I whither in vain.
Hours I cry. Then, a mighty light shines.

A Dove flutters and collects the fragments—

Silvery, warm matter creates gold vines

Uniting the once shattered, lost statements.
Happy tears fall, and I let the Snake press

I peacefully enter eternal rest.
Theme: The theme of a poem is dark and happy at the same time. As the narrator faces a slow death, seeing as the Snake waits for the Raven and, then, for the Dove. This makes the mood darker, yet, at the end, it becomes happy. The Book, presumably of life, is put back together. This, however, does not mean life will continue, but rather that it will be remembered. Thus, the theme is “Death is good when one is remembered”. 


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