The Duke of Delft

The Duke in a position found himself
Of great horror and a terrible demise.
Which we will with now analize.
Hear the story of the Duke of Delft.

He was a man of riches rich,
And of the honor of a king
Who in the warmth of a new spring
Found his luck to in a moment switch.
The day was neither bright or dim;
The lady pictured at the scene
Had not the appearance of a queen,
(More like a harlot might I say.)
But with love blind to him it seemed
She was the light that made day bright,
And with pearlescence of the skin
He found her fit to his heart win.
He searched for her by sun and night,
Hoping at last her name to find.
And yes, he did and sent a rose
with a letter to propose
(What a fool to have done this!)
Not in his mind was her decline.
When the letter had been read;
The lady to his castle went
Meaning for his love to dent
(But upon seeing the great halls)
She decided t’was better to wed
A man whose heart was pure and noble.
The Duke declared, “delight to me
God has brought today through thee.”
And soon married got the couple
(Oh, poor dear, he had not seen his end so near!)

The Duke now steps to his death meet
Oh might you, my reader, be so sweet
As to stop the reading here
And save the fool whose fall they’ll cheer.
Or keep on reading if you dare,
And this moment with me share.

Years he passed of lonely marriage
While his wife the money cherished,
And the love soon took to perish.
It was a night upon his carriage,
That she met her awful partners
With whom she settled the done deed
That to the Duke much dread would leave.
And they together became planners
Of the paralyzing murder
That took place in the king’s castle
To steal the fortunes of the vassal
Who had promised love much stronger
(And pounds in gold and jewels bright!)
Than the one the Duke had given.
The king’s spy soon found out
Where the crime had come to sprout.
“I know where the crime has risen!”
Claimed the wife as the men entered
And they listened quite attentive
“My husband is quite retentive
And to the hate his soul surrendered,
For the vassal at your feet
Owed my husband a thousand pounds
That he had used to buy his grounds,
And meant from it the Duke cheat.”
Her excuses were ignored
As the soldieres grabbed her husband
In a way he was unaccustumed.
The wife had triumphed.

This was the story of the Duke
Who at this moment feels betrayed
As through his neck the blade slices through.

Oh look, the time has come,
When I wonder through the castle
Where the great crime  was committed
And go hunt her in her sleep –
Make her weaken in the knees.
“Hello, wife, are you well tonight?
Have you found peace in my demise?”
I bet she has and laugh greatly
As I stoke her hair so gently.
I repeat the story of my life,
The great story of the Duke,
The fallen Duke of Delft!



Me gusta tu sonrisa,Aunque no la vea.

Me gusta cuando brisa

Gotas en tus lentes crea.
Me gusta cómo hablas.

Cuando pequeña llamas,

A tu pequeña amiga. 
Y tu palabra abriga

En la tristeza fría

Hasta hacer que sonría. 
Me gusta que opines

Aún cuando no quiero.
Me gusta cómo vives,

Con pasión ligero.
Te quiero como eres:

Con inusual ingenio,

Certeza en lo que crees

De un propio criterio,
Y por esa dulzura 

En tu carácter segura.


Por estas y otras mil, 

Disfruto tu amistad

Con cariño hacia ti.